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Weapons Charge Defense Lawyer in Ohio

Under the Second Amendment, you have the Constitutional right to bear arms.

However, certain federal and state weapons laws greatly limit this right. A weapons charge may result in serious penalties, including:

Our weapons crimes defense lawyers in Columbus aggressively defend the rights of our clients facing weapons charges. Whether you are being charged with a weapons violation or you are a felon charged with possession, you need a strong defense from an attorney you can trust.

In the Columbus, Ohio, it is illegal to conceal and carry a weapon without a license; however, you can carry a weapon openly.

A “conceal and carry” license imposes a number of restrictions on license holders. Even when you have a license, you may face legal problems, including criminal charges. We take pride in representing the weapon owners of Columbus, Ohio in protecting their rights and defending against criminal weapons charges.

Weapons Crime Defender Experience

Our firm is experienced in weapons charges offenses, including:

A felon in possession of a weapon violation can, result in a mandatory prison sentence of 1 to 5 years. When you are under investigation or facing serious weapons charges, do not hesitate to contact to discuss your options to your weapons charge in Columbus, Ohio.