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White collar crimes rarely ever begin with criminal intent. Most often, the money is taken as a "loan" and the employee has every intention of paying it back. Unfortunately, these good intentions seldom come to realization.

If you have been charged or arrested with a white collar crime, or an embezzlement crime we encourage you to contact our embezzlement crime defense lawyers immediately so we can begin to investigate the allegations made against you and prepare your defense for your embezzlement crime in Columbus.

Our Columbus white collar crime defense attorney represent clients in Columbus, Ohio charged with a wide range of crimes, including:

Our Criminal Lawyer is Highly Effective

The most common white collar crime is embezzlement. Embezzlement, or employee theft, is a serious crime with far-reaching implications and consequences. The crime can range from an employee taking a few dollars out of a cash register to a CEO using sophisticated computer software to divert funds into a personal bank account.

Our first action is to always work with your company in a collaborative manner to negotiate a settlement before a trial becomes necessary. Often, individuals have a retirement account that can be used to repay any missing money.

Our ultimate goal is to protect your rights and ensure your freedom. As your embezzlement crime defense lawyer, we will investigate all legal avenues of repayment to encourage your company to settle.

If you were charged with embezzlement in Columbus, Ohio contact our experienced and skilled defense attorneys.

We have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare a successful defense to your case in Columbus.