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Columbus Fraud Defense Attorney

Law enforcement agencies have dedicated a growing amount of resources to pursuing crimes of fraud in recent years as a whole new frontier of potential criminal activity has been opened up through the advent of the internet, free-flowing electronic data and e-commerce.

A "white collar crime," fraud is a very broadly-based charge that can cover all sorts of offenses, and in cases that involve interstate commerce or online activities, you could be facing federal charges should you be arrested.

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A Columbus fraud defense attorney can go to work on your case immediately - you should not wait to protect yourself from potentially damning repercussions.

Fraud - is defined broadly as intentional deception that is carried out either for personal gain or with the purpose of damaging another individual or entity. Evidence of actions or statements that deliberately conceal or misrepresent the truth must be proven in order for fraud to be constituted.

Criminal charges surrounding fraud include:

All of these are serious offenses in Columbus that can put not only your reputation at risk, but can send you to prison and greatly affect your future employment opportunities.

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Our fraud defense attorneys in columbus are ready to work diligently on your behalf, and you should make no delay in contacting our team should you be facing a fraud investigation or arrest. The sooner we can go to work on your defense, the better the chances of reaching an amicable end to this ordeal. We will aggressively pursue possible charge reductions, alternative sentencing options and skilled representation in the courtroom.

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