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Columbus Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer

You have been arrested on what police say is a misdemeanor offense. How would a conviction affect your future? Is this a serious crime? What punishments can you be subject to?

These are all very valid questions which a Columbus misdemeanor crime defense attorney can answer and provide you with advice regarding your rights and legal options.

Though a misdemeanor crime is not as serious as a felony offense, it can still bring with it negative consequences.

A conviction can lead to up to:

It also means that you will carry a criminal record that can be searched during employer background checks and can prevent you from obtaining employment or a professional license within such fields as medicine, law, accountancy, architecture, education, and law enforcement.

Consult Our Criminal Attorney

If you are charged with a misdemeanor again in the future, having a previous conviction on your record can actually escalate the new charges to the felony level. With the help of a knowledgeable misdemeanor crime defense lawyer in Columbus, we can help establish a defense that could allow for your misdemeanor to be reduced to a lesser charge or even dismissed. Avoiding a conviction is of paramount importance.