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Columbus Criminal Attorney

Columbus Sex Crime Defense Lawyer

A conviction on a sex crime charge in Columbus can leave you facing a long prison sentence and lifetime registration as a sex offender. This can negatively impact your ability to obtain:

If you are charged with a sex crime in Columbus, contact an experienced sex crime defense attorney to ensure that your rights are protected and you receive a favorable outcome.

Our Criminal Attorney Has Extensive Experience

We have the experience that is essential to aggressively defend our client’s rights. We have developed a reputation for being a dedicated attorney for his clients. Our sex crime defense lawyers provide the experienced and skilled representation need to defend our clients. If you have been charged with any type of sex crime, including:

Sex crimes are difficult to defend; the evidence may be hear say or it may consist of DNA or information extracted from a computer hard drive. You need a qualified sex crime defense attorney who understands the charges, the most effective defense strategy, and has the experience to make the case to the judge or jury.

Our Columbus Criminal Lawyer can present you with all your legal options

With the help of our defense attorneys, you can enter the court prepared with the information you need to present an effective defense to your case.

Give our experienced sex crime defense attorneys in Columbus a call to discuss the charges you are facing. We can provide explanation and your options for your defense.