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Columbus Parole Violation Attorney

Have you been charged with a Parole violation?

When you are on parole, there are specific terms and requirements that must be met in order to safety complete your parole. When there is an accusation that you failed to uphold the terms of parole:

In many cases, the parole violation is completely in error, such as in cases when a fine was actually paid, or a treatment program was completed but the information was not forwarded to the court. Other cases may be related to other mistakes such as when an individual moves and has not received important court notices, or when they failed to attend a meeting with their Parole officer due to illness or other situation.

You should contact a Columbus Criminal Attorney as soon as possible following a crime charge

No matter what your situation is, a Columbus parole violation lawyer from our legal team has the experience to take action on your behalf in order to fight to keep you from being incarcerated. If you have already been arrested on a parole violation, we can assist in addressing the court on your behalf and fighting for your release at a parole violation hearing.

Our parole violation attorneys have the experience and extensive court experience to negotiate on your behalf and to help you to seek to avoid the problems and difficulties you could face if you are convicted.