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DUI Attorney in Columbus

Attorneys who defend clients facing DUI charges must be prepared to deal with scientific procedures and tests that police officers administer to prove a defendant's guilt. Our DUI defense lawyers are well versed in the scientific techniques involved in breath, blood, and urine testing for alcohol and drugs. We quickly question the reliability, accuracy, and validity of these tests in court.

When facing a DUI charge, you will need a DUI defense attorney experienced in Columbus, Ohio traffic offense cases. With significant experience with Columbus traffic violation cases and a respected record of positive results for our clients, our DUI defense attorneys are ready to assist you.

Our Columbus Criminal Attorney has defended dozens of drunk driving charges

Our Columbus DUI defense attorneys at specialize in DUI cases. In Columbus, Ohio a DUI charge is defined as driving under the influence. These charges do not only apply to drivers of passenger vehicles such as cars, but also to trucks, tractor trailers, buses, motorcycles, 3-wheelers, boats, and heavy machinery.

As our attorneys defend our clients, we find that both judges and juries are particularly interested in our legal analysis and defense preparation of DUI cases in Columbus. Our success with DUI cases has led other lawyers to frequently seek our advice on breath testing and other DUI matters.

If you are stopped for suspicion of a DUI and you refuse to take the sobriety test, or if your test results exceed the legal limit of Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), you will be immediately subject to the Administrative License Suspension, which means the officer can take your driver's license on the spot.