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Columbus Theft Crime Attorney

Every year theft crimes take a considerable financial toll on persons and business living and operating in the United States. Such individuals and businesses that have suffered from a crime of theft demand the attention of our judicial process to seek redress or recovery for their losses. However, theft crimes have consequences beyond the immediate case.

Regardless of whether a person charged with a theft crime has been found guilty of such allegations, a person charged with a theft crime may face personal problems or obstructions - - such as loss of employment or loss of future employment opportunities. Our theft crime defense lawyers in Columbus understand that individuals charged with a theft or property crime face such problems and obstructions. Our theft crime lawyers are experienced and accessible and we provide serious aggressive representation to all of our clients charged with a theft crime.

Our Columbus Criminal Lawyer is here to help your case

Given the demands that the victims of theft crimes place on the legal system, often a person is charged with a theft crime even if that charge is false, there may be mitigating circumstances, or the charge is not warranted under the facts. A person may acquire possession of another’s property, for example, under the mistaken belief that they have a right to such possession.

Such a person may nonetheless be charged with the crime of theft. Or an individual may fail to honor a contractual obligation, such as failing to timely deliver goods or services, and find him or herself facing charges of criminal theft crime.

In such circumstances, a person charged with a theft crime should consult with a knowledgeable and experienced theft crime defense lawyers to avoid an unwarranted theft conviction when such circumstances arise. Our theft crime lawyers in Columbus are committed to protecting the rights of our clients while aggressively defending each theft crime case. We fight hard to obtain favorable outcomes for our clients in Columbus.