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Murder Defense Attorney in Columbus

There are fewer criminal charges that can shake one's life as severely as can the accusations of murder. Being caught up in such an investigation or arrest is what many fear. You can be overwhelmed by anxiety, fear and emotion and can have difficulty knowing what to do next or who to turn to. Knowing that your future and freedom are at stake, your first call should be to a Columbus murder defense attorney who is fully committed to protecting your rights and best interests.

Murder - is the intentional killing of another person through malicious actions.

Depending on the exact nature of the crime, there can be different degrees of charges, but the fact that these offenses are of the most grievous nature is rock steady. A murder conviction in Columbus can send you to prison for 15 years to life, sometimes without possibility of parole, or even lead to the death penalty.

Manslaughter - is a crime which also results in the death of another, however, in these circumstances the law finds less culpability on the part of the accused.

Voluntary manslaughter - can be charged when mitigating circumstances were present or death was an accidental result where only serious bodily harm was intended.

Involuntary manslaughter - involves the completely unintentional death of someone. These are also extremely serious felonies that can carry a very lengthy prison term.

There is no better example for the immediate need of a skilled and committed legal defense team than in the case of murder charges. Regardless of what you may be accused of, you have legal rights and we are committed to pursuing them aggressively and diligently.

Many effective defenses against these serious charges are possible, but swift action is crucial. Your livelihood and future are at risk unless you make strong efforts to defend against these allegations.

Contact our experienced and skillful Columbus murder defense attorney immediately to begin important work on your defense.