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Columbus Criminal Attorney

Columbus Appeals and Expungements Attorney

Here at the law office of the Columbus Criminal Attorney, we are committed to serving our clients throughout their cases, even after a conviction and a sentence has already been reached.  You must remember that even if you have been convicted of a crime, you still have rights protected under the law.  If you have questions about the appeals process or about obtaining an expungement of your criminal record, please contact our office to learn more about these services.

Every convicted offender is entitled to an appeal.  You may wish to enter in new witness testimony or new evidence.  Or perhaps our Columbus Criminal Attorney can prove that there was wrongdoing on the part of the officials or the prosecutors in your case.  No matter what type of charges you have been convicted for, pursuing an appeal is often the right choice.

Contact our Columbus criminal attorney and review your legal options

We also offer expungement and records sealing services.  This involves petitioning the judge to amend your criminal record, often to the benefit of convicted offenders that are seeking employment.  If you are the parent of a juvenile that has been convicted of a crime, you may also be interested in having your child’s records expunged or sealed in order to protect their future.

There are various requirements and factors that must be in play in order to schedule an appeal or have a record expunged or sealed.  Each case is unique, so please do not trust your case to an attorney that does not have the experience necessary to see your case through to the end.  Contact our office today for a free case evaluation with our Columbus Criminal Lawyer.