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Being accused of domestic violence in Columbus can be one of the toughest problems you will ever face. Because of the relationships involved and the complexity of the laws, domestic violence cases can be mentally and emotionally. If you have been accused of a domestic violence crime, you are going to need an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer to help protect you and your rights.

Criminal courts in Columbus are extremely tough on domestic violence. Our domestic violence defense lawyers have represented many clients accused of domestic violence, and our attorneys and staff understand the stress this can cause, and they also have an advanced understanding of Ohio law.

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Because of domestic violence laws are primarily set up to protect the victim, it can be a difficult charge to face. Many minor disagreements, even when absolutely no one is hurt, can result in a domestic assault arrest. To prevent further injuries and incidents, police often make domestic violence arrests first and sort out the facts of the incident later.

Domestic violence crimes in Columbus are not limited to spousal relationships. The definition of domestic violence includes abusive relationships where physical violence, threatened violence, or other forms of abuse exist.

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It can apply to any of the following relationships:

Often, those arrested for domestic violence are immediately arrested the day of the incident. If you are granted bail, a temporary restraining order will be put in place to ensure you, the accused, and the alleged victim do not have any contact.

The kind of domestic violence charge and possible penalties and sentences vary depending on what occurred during the domestic violence incident.